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Film Literature

FILM LITERATURE:  Film literature, a course based on the Indiana Academic Standards for English/Language Arts, is a study of how literature is adapted for film or  media. Students will read about the history of film, the reflection or influence of film on the culture, and issues of interpretation, production, and adaptation. Students will examine the visual interpretation of literary techniques and the limitations or special capacities of film versus text to present a literary work.  Students will examine how films portray the human condition and the roles of men and women and the various ethnic and cultural minorities in the past and present. Different genres of film will be explored. 


This course will be delivered through a combination of digital content, full-class symposiums, and in-house and/or out-of-school field experiences, some of which students may need to attend outside of school hours. Students who take this class should be excited about film and literature. They should also be capable of self-monitoring their learning, as the content delivery method allows student choice and pacing and, in turn, requires devotion and commitment to an innovative learning model. 


The course will culminate with a special project that demonstrates knowledge, application, and progress in the Film Lit course. 


Students may take this course in place of the traditional one-credit 12th grade English course in the fall, but they will have the spring semester of their junior year through the fall semester of their senior year to complete it.


Length:  Hybrid

Offered: Spring Junior Year/Fall Senior

Number of Periods per Semester: Hybrid.  This course does not have a regularly scheduled seat time component.   Students will have two semesters and the summer to complete coursework.  


Grade Level: 11th Spring/12th Fall.  This course is only open to 10th graders enrolling into 11th grade.  

Course Prerequisites:  Students must be concurrently enrolled in English 11 or AP English Lit the spring semester of their junior year. Students will be expected to complete coursework identified by the instructor before the beginning of their senior year.


Application:  None.  This is a pilot course with a total capacity of 30 students.  If more than 30 students request this course, a randomized draw will be utilized to determine enrollment.  

Tryout : None.  This is a pilot course with a total capacity of 30 students.  If more than 30 students request this course, a random draw will be utilized to determine enrollment.  

Counselor Approval Required: None


Dual Credit: No

Weighted: No


Diploma Path:  Fulfills an English/Language Arts requirement for all diplomas.  

Quantitative Reasoning: No


Other:    Students will complete digital assignments, community based experiences, and in school symposiums for this course.