English 11

ENGLISH 11: Through the integrated study of literature, composition, and oral communication, English 11 students further develop their use of language as a tool for learning and thinking and as a source of pleasure.  In English 11, students move from predominantly analyzing and using the elements of written language to making judgments based on those analyses.  English 11 also incorporates a survey of American Literature from different periods.  Literature instruction focuses on opportunities to: develop criteria for judging and analyzing literary works, speeches, essays and poetry, polish appropriate reading skills and strategies; respond critically, reflectively, and imaginatively to American Literature, and develop vocabulary.  The composition component provides students with opportunities to produce a variety of forms.  Composition in Grade 11 continues to refine students’ abilities to articulate sophisticated ideas in an organized manner.  The formal study of grammar, usage, spelling, and language mechanics is integrated into the study of writing.  Oral Communication (speech) continues to emphasize effective listening and speaking techniques.


Length:  Year

Offered: Fall/Spring

Number of Periods per Semester: One


Grade Level: 11

Course Prerequisites: English 10or concurrent enrollment with English10


Application: None

Tryout : None

Counselor Approval Required: None


Dual Credit: No

Weighted: No


Diploma Path:  Fulfills an English/Language Arts requirement for all diplomas. 

Quantitative Reasoning:  No