English 10

ENGLISH 10:   English 10 reinforces and continues to make full use of many of the activities and skills of English 9.  Beyond these, English 10 adds the following emphasis:  (1) consideration of world literature and (2) increased focus on the self-conscious choice of comprehension and writing strategies.  Literature instruction focuses on opportunities to: respond critically, reflectively and imaginatively to world literature; practice distinguishing among the different types of contents and purposes language can hold; and identifying and forming conclusions, recognizing and using persuasive devices, judging authors’ purpose, perspective and expertise, reading and interpreting public documents and developing vocabulary.  The composition component of language arts provides students with opportunities to write for various audiences and purposes.  Students use the basic modes of oral and written expression through the development of effective descriptive and narrative procedures, including focus and logical organization of ideas.  Oral Communication (speech) provides students with opportunities to develop greater facility with choosing and employing different elements of effective oral communication.


Length: Year

Offered: Fall/Spring

Number of Periods per Semester: One


Grade Level: 10

Course Prerequisites:  English 9 or concurrent enrollment with English 9


Application: None

Tryout : None

Counselor Approval Required: None


Dual Credit: No

Weighted: No


Diploma PathFulfills an English/Language Arts requirement for all diplomas. 

Quantitative Reasoning: No