Journalism is a study of the profession of journalism, reporting, journalistic writing, law, and ethics as they apply to print and digital media products. Through the study of journalism, students will see how journalism and media affect their lives and influence society. It includes a comparison of journalistic writing to other types of writing with practical application of news, features, opinion and digital media writing forms. Students also study photojournalism and design. By the end of the semester, students will write and design stories for print and digital media.


***This is not a student publication course, although some of the student's work may be published in the school newsmagazine or yearbook.


Length:  Semester

Offered: Fall and Spring

Number of Periods per Semester: One


Grade Level: 9-10-11-12

Course Prerequisites:  None


Application: None

Tryout : None

Counselor Approval Required: None


Dual Credit: No

Weighted: No


Diploma Path:  Fulfills one semester of an English/Language Arts requirement for all diplomas.

Quantitative Reasoning: No