French V AP



French V AP, a course based on Indiana’s Academic Standards for World Languages, provides opportunities  for students to interact and exchange information in culturally and socially authentic and/or simulated situations to demonstrate integration of language skills with understanding of French-speaking culture. This course emphasizes the use of appropriate formats, varied vocabulary and complex language
structures within student communication, both oral and written, as well as the opportunity to produce
and present creative material using the language. Additionally, students will continue to develop an
understanding of French-speaking culture through investigating the origin and impact of significant
events and contributions unique to the target culture, comparing and contrasting elements that shape
cultural identity in the target culture and the student’s own culture, and explaining how the target
language and culture have impacted other communities. This course further emphasizes the integration
of concepts and skills from other content areas with the target language and cultural understanding, as
well as the exploration of community resources intended for native French speakers.. 


Length: Year

Offered: Fall/Spring

Number of Periods per Semester: One


Grade Level: 11-12

Course Prerequisites: French IV


Application: None

Tryout : None

Counselor Approval Required: None


Dual Credit: No

WeightedYes, Full Point


Diploma PathFulfills a World Language Requirement for all Diplomas

Quantitative Reasoning: No