1. Athletic Department Philosophy and Objectives
The Zionsville Community High School Athletic Department works to provide growth opportunities for students who seek a competitive interscholastic athletic experience. We view athletics as an important part of the educational program and culture of the school. Through healthy competition, students are motivated to strive for their personal and collective best while learning valuable lessons about teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, effort, and character.
2. Hoosier Crossroads Athletic Conference Information
Zionsville is a charter member of the Hoosier Crossroads Conference, one of the premier leagues in the Indiana. Member schools include Avon, Brownsburg, Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern, Noblesville, Westfield & Zionsville. We compete against these schools for conference championships at the varsity level in all sports. The HCC also recognizes athletes with all-conference distinctions, gives a sportsmanship award to one school in each season, and determines an all-sports champion school each year. More information about the HCC can be found at www.hoosiercrossroadsconference.org.
3. Sports Offered (# offered, levels offered)
The ZCHS Athletic Department sponsors 23 IHSAA-sanctioned sports. Those sports include Boys and Girls Volleyball, Football, Boys and Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Boys and Girls Golf, Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Swimming, Coed Wrestling, Softball, Baseball, Boys and Girls Track & Field, Coed Unified Flag Football, and Coed Unified Track & Field. Teams specifically geared for freshmen are available in the team sports of Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, and Baseball. In the individual sports, the freshmen generally compete as part of the JV or in heats or events that are not scored as a part of a varsity contest or meet. In addition, the high school provides governance and oversight to some interscholastic sports teams that are not currently sponsored by the IHSAA. Those sports include Cheerleading, and Boys and Girls Lacrosse. These sports are led through the office of the Assistant Principal for Student Development, who works closely with the Athletic Director.
4. Starting dates and Overlap of Seasons
The IHSAA mandates when the various sports begin official practices and contests. Fall sports operate differently from winter and spring sports in that they begin before the school year. In 2024, fall sports will begin on August 5th, with the girls golf beginning earlier, August 2nd. For more detailed information on the dates when different sports begin, visit the IHSAA website at www.ihsaa.org Some fall sports can overlap with the beginning of winter sports and some winter sports can overlap with the beginning of spring sports. In these cases there are accommodations for athletes who are transitioning from one sport to another. The number of practices required before an athlete can participate in a contest is reduced from 10 to 5 in these circumstances. It is important to note that most coaches offer important summer and off-season programming to prepare athletes for their respective upcoming seasons. To find out about those schedules and to begin receiving communications, it is important to make contact with the head coach as soon as possible and to be paying attention to school announcements concerning callout meetings, conditioning, open facility, and pre-season workouts.
5. Coaches Contact Info – Web site
The best way to get in touch with a head coach is to visit our team pages where each head coach is listed along with their email address.
6. Summer and Moratorium week
As previously mentioned above, many sports do a lot of preparation in the summer months when school is not in session. By IHSAA rule, the summer is considered an open time where coaches can work with their athletes with few restrictions. The summer can be a very demanding time for students who play multiple sports and who also are involved in club, AAU, or travel sports organizations. The ZCHS athletic department strongly encourages and endorses multiple sport participation. If students and families are proactive and keep open lines of communication with coaches, summer schedules are often found to be workable for multi-sport athletes. Due to the high demands placed upon the students (and the coaches) in the summer, the IHSAA observes a moratorium week each summer. During this week there are no team activities whatsoever. There is to be no contact between the students and members of the coaching staff. Moratorium week is a great time for family vacations and for taking a break from sports. The IHSAA moratorium week is always the week that contains July 4. For all sports, summer open facility programs must end before Monday of the last week in July. By rule, teams may offer a conditioning program during the last week in July, but there can be no sport-specific equipment or drills that take place during that week.
7. Summer Camp and Team Camps
Some teams and coaches will choose to participate in summer camps or tournaments at off campus locations which may or may not involve overnight accommodations and/or registration fees. These events will be organized and coordinated through the head coach, but any fees are the responsibility of the participating athletes. Individual athletes are also permitted to participate in camps of their choice designed to improve skills. Head coaches also often hold “team camps” on site during the summer for intensive team-based preparation. These camps are offered through Eagle Rec and will often involve a nominal participation fee. All school-sponsored camps and clinics must end before Monday of the last week of July. Fall sports athletes face an additional restriction in that they cannot attend any NON-school sponsored camps during the last week of July. Winter and spring athletes may attend non-school sponsored camps and clinics through the last week of July.
8. Required Participation Forms (Click Here)
No athlete can participate in any workout until these are on file in the Athletic Office. Coaches will not collect these documents. 
9. IHSAA By-Laws
For a complete review of IHSAA rules, visit http://www.ihsaa.org/AboutIHSAA/By-Laws/tabid/91/Default.aspx. One of the most important rules for students relates to academic eligibility. Students must pass 5 classes to remain eligible. Passing is defined by any grade other than F or Incomplete. Eligibility is determined at each 9-week grading period. Students with academic difficulties during their season will be subject to interventions to improve their classroom performance which vary from one sport to another.
10. ZCHS Athletic Handbook
Becoming familiar with the entire ZCHS handbook is very important for incoming freshman students. The athletic department also has very specific policies and procedures outlined in a special section of the handbook. The athletic handbook can be found here. Students should become familiar with the honor code and code of conduct. Athletic participation is a privilege, and athletes are held to a very high standard 365 days a year both in and out of school.
11. Booster Club Information
The Zionsville Athletic Booster Club is a vital organization to the success of ZCHS Athletics. The Booster Club is the primary fundraising organization for both middle and high school athletics. Booster Club donations fund the day to day operations of the department including uniforms, event workers, officials, and equipment. We hope you will consider joining this organization and giving your time, skills, and efforts as well. Additional Booster Club information can be found here.
12. Program Support Fee Information
Program Support Fees can be paid by check (made payable to ZCS) and turned into the Athletic Office. If you would like to pay online, please visit www.schoolpay.com.