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Letter Jackets

Letter Jacket Orders
Letter jackets can be ordered any time in the athletic office at ZCHS. We have samples in the athletic office for athletes to try on. Jackets usually take 1-2 weeks to be ready for pick up, but may take up to 5-6 weeks to be delivered if we do not have a particular size in stock. Cash, checks or credit card (via Square) accepted.
Please turn in your varsity letter when placing your order (the fuzzy Z). Jackets will come with the fuzzy Z on the front and the numerals of your graduation year on the sleeve. Additional patches can be ordered through the information below and the jacket can be customized as you wish once you receive it.
Championship Patches
Students or parents can place their orders from Neff for Championship patches by contacting Randy Winter at NEFF Company. You can email him or call him at 317-601-3670.