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2018-19 Pre-Participation Physical & Release Forms
All ZCS Athletes must have a hard copy of the physical form on file in the athletic office of their respective school BEFORE participating in any try-outs or practices. The physical form MUST bear the hand-written signature and license number of a physician in order to be accepted. No signature stamps will be accepted! These recent changes are required by the IHSAA and are not rules from Zionsville Athletics.
Online Paperwork
ZCS collects pre-participation paperwork online. You must turn in a hard copy of ONLY pages 1-2 of the IHSAA Physical Form (linked above). Please go to www.rankonesport.com to complete the online portion of the pre-participation paperwork.
Please note: the Rank One online forms will ask for a Student ID. The Student ID is firstname-lastname (i.e. jane-doe). Thank you!

Student Drug and Alcohol Testing Program: (RDTP) Random Drug Testing Program

On April 10, 2017 the ZCS Board of School Trustees adopted Policy 5530.01 creating a random drug testing program for all high school students participating in extracurricular activities or purchasing a pass to park on campus.  New this year, each student wishing to participate in extracurricular activities or park on school grounds will need to complete a consent form enrolling in the testing program.  This form (linked above) requires the signatures of both the student and a parent/guardian. This form can be turned in to the athletic office and is valid until the student opts out of the program. 

For purposes of this Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, the term "extracurricular activities" means all athletic programs, student government, and recognized school clubs.


Program Support Fee
Program Support Fees can be paid by check and turned into the Athletic Office. If you would like to pay online, please visit www.schoolpay.com.
ZABC Membership Form
The Zionsville Athletic Booster Club was founded in 1975 as a volunteer organization to raise funds to support all student-athletes in the ZCS high school and middle school athletic programs. Funds received last year supported over 1,000 athletes participating on more than 80 teams in 35+ athletic programs. Funds pay for uniforms, equipment, field work, officials fees, scholarships and other expenses that are not covered by ZCS general fund dollars.
Sports Pass Order Form
Sports passes are good for free admission to any athletic contest hosted by ZCHS throughout the school year with the exceptions of IHSAA tournament series events or HCC events. To order your sports passes, print the form (see below) and send to the athletic office at ZCHS.
Letter Jacket Orders
Orders for letter jackets will be placed at the end of each season (Fall, Winter & Spring) by the athletic office at ZCHS. We have samples in the athletic office for athletes to try on. Students or parents should place their orders in the athletic office. Cash or checks accepted.
Championship Patches
Students or parents can place their orders from Neff for Championship patches by clicking here. Use the PCN Number that is listed below for your sport.
Baseball HCC All Conference PCN #126374
Baseball HCC All Conference Second Team PCN #126387
Baseball  Sectional Champions PCN #126388
Baseball Regional Champions PCN #126389
Baseball All State PCN #26453
Baseball  All State Second Team PCN #126450
Baseball Academic All State PCN #126454
Basketball HCC Champions PCN #82273
Basketball HCC All Conference PCN #82274
Basketball Sectional Champions PCN #82275 
Basketball All State PCN #82276
Basketball Academic All State PCN #82277
Cross Country HCC All Conference PCN #126377
Cross Country Team Sectional Champions PCN #126378
Cross Country Individual Sectional Champion PCN #126381
Cross Country Team Regional Champions PCN #126379
Cross Country State Finalist PCN #126416
Cross Country Team State Champions PCN #126418
Cross Country All State PCN #126420
Cross Country All State Second Team PCN #126421
Cross Country Academic All State PCN #126433
Football HCC All Conference PCN #126412
Football HCC All Conference Second Team PCN #126413
Football Sectional Champions PCN #125259
Football All State PCN #126429
Football All State Second Team PCN #126426
Football Academic All State PCN #126424
Golf HCC All Conference PCN #126407
Golf Team Sectional Champions PCN #126665
Golf Team Regional Champions PCN #126666
Golf Team Semi State Champions PCN #126679
Golf Team State Champions PCN #126673
Golf Individual Sectional Champion PCN #126670
Golf Individual Regional Champion PCN #126669
Golf Individual Semi State Champion PCN #126671
Golf Individual State Champion PCN #126674
Golf All State PCN #126432
Golf All State Second Team PCN #126434
Golf Academic All State PCN #126435
Soccer HCC All Conference PCN #126402
Soccer HCC All Conference Second Team PCN #126403
Soccer Sectional Champions PCN #126404
Soccer All State PCN #126437
Soccer All State Second Team PCN #126440
Soccer Academic All State PCN #126436
Softball HCC All Conference PCN #75729
Softball HCC All Conference Second Team PCN #75734
Softball Sectional Champions PCN #75730
Softball Regional Champions PCN # 75731
Softball All State PCN #75732
Softball All State Second Team PCN #75733
Softball Academic All State PCN #75735
Tennis HCC All Conference PCN #126409
Tennis All State PCN #126442
Tennis All State Second Team PCN #126441
Tennis Academic All State PCN #126444
Track & Field HCC Champions (team) PCN #103463
Track & Field HCC Champion (individual) PCN #103464
Track & Field Sectional Champions (team) PCN #103467
Track & Field Sectional Champion (individual) PCN #103468
Track & Field Regional Champion (individual) PCN #103469
Volleyball HCC All Conference PCN #126393
Volleyball HCC All Conference Second Team PCN #126396
Volleyball Sectional Champions PCN #126398
Volleyball All State PCN #126446
Volleyball All State Second Team PCN #126449
Volleyball Academic All State PCN #126445
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