Scheduling Procedures


Online Course Registration

Instructions for selecting courses:


  1. Go to the following web address:


  1. Log in to Power School. You will use the same username and password for Power School as you do to login to Canvas:

          username = first name- last name

          password = lunch pin


  1. Once you are logged in, click on the “Class Registration” icon.


  1. The class registration screen allows you to request courses by subject. To add a course in a specific subject area, click on the pencil icon (edit button)


  1. A new screen with a list of courses in that subject will appear. Note: Only courses available to students in your grade level will appear. Select courses by clicking the box next to the courses for which you are requesting. Some subjects may have more than one page of course options. To continue viewing a list of courses click on the page numbers located at the bottom of the course list screen. When you are done selecting courses within a subject, click “Okay”.


  1. As you add courses, they will appear in the middle column on your registration screen. Continue by selecting courses in each subject until all of the courses you wish to select appear on the main registration screen.


  1. Be certain that you have 7 Fall (F) and 7 Spring (S) courses selected to ensure that you will have a full schedule. You can make changes to your selections by returning to each subject and clicking the (edit button). When making changes merely unclick or click the boxes next to each course, and click “Okay” when you are done.


  1. Once you are satisfied with your course requests, YOU MUST CLICK “SUBMIT” at  the bottom of the registration page in order for your requests to be saved.


NOTE: Power School will not let you submit your requests unless you have made the minimum required requests in all areas marked with a AND at least 12 credit hours selected. One Semester = One credit hour.


  1. You can confirm/view your final course requests by clicking on the “view course  requests” link.



Scheduling Procedures


Students will select classes for the next academic year late in the first semester or early in the second semester. It is important that parents, students and counselors work together to select classes that help meet a student's academic, career, and collegiate goals.   The school's master schedule is set and teaching assignments are made based upon student class selections so students should not assume that classes may be easily changed at the beginning of the school year.  


Most years, next year schedules will be provided to students in the spring. These schedules should be carefully checked and the counseling office should be contacted before the end of the school year concerning any requests for changes. Students will be allowed to request any schedule changes before the end of the school year. The counseling department will do its best to accommodate requests for changes as class size and balance allow.


At Back to School Days in August, students will receive their official schedule for the academic year. Changes of schedules will occur for the following reasons:


  1. Changes in a student's special need status, IEP or resource requirements.
  2. Medical issues as documented by a medical provider.
  3. Errors made by the school in developing the schedule.
  4. Changes that allow students to qualify for the Academic Honors or Core 40 diploma.
  5. Failure of a prerequisite course as identified in the ZCHS course descriptions.
  6. Failure of a course required for entrance into post-secondary education.
  7. Failure of a course required for post-secondary study as document by the institution.
  8. Failure of a course required for graduation.
  9. Dropping a study hall for a credit bearing course.
  10. Dropping an elective class for a required class.
  11. Balance of class size as determined by the school.
  12. History of failure in the same course taught by the same teacher.
  13. Change to planned graduation date.
  14. Adding a class to continue the sequence of a year-long course.