Summer School through Indiana Online

Indiana Online Summer Classes


Zionsville Community High School does not offer summer school but does accept credits earned through Indiana Online.   Students and parents should be aware of the following:



Course Fees


  • Indiana Online will offer the following courses for Zionsville students without charge:


Algebra I (fall semester)

Algebra I (spring semester)

Algebra II (fall semester)

Algebra II (spring semester)

Geometry (fall semester)

Geometry (spring semester)


Physical Education I

Physical Education II




  • Indiana Online will charge their standard tuition rate of $275.00 for all other courses.


  • After 15 days into the term, no refund will be issued.






  • Registration opens Wednesday, January 31 and will close on Friday, May 5 


  • No late registrations will be accepted after May 5.  


  • Indiana Online offers one summer school session: June 8 - July 19, 2020.




Technology Requirements


  • Student’s must have an active e-mail address, daily internet access, and possess basic computer skills.
  • Student’s must use Chrome or Firefox as their browser.
  • Word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, Adobe Flash and updated Java programs are needed. (Microsoft Office or Google products.) Please contact Indiana Online with specific questions
  • Course content may not be mobile friendly for phones and tablets.





  • Students may only register for two courses during summer school. If a student plans on registering for two classes, they should do so during the registration window of January 31 through May 31. No late registration will be accepted.


  • Students taking two classes are required to work on both courses at the same time.  See below for sequential based courses.


  • While it is not recommended, students enrolling in two semesters of a sequential based courses such as Geometry Fall Semester and Geometry Spring Semester MUST complete the first semester by June 24 to be eligible to move on to the second course. Check with Indiana Online about specific courses.


  • Students may not take both PEI and PEII in the same summer session.


  • Students are given seven weeks to complete their course(s). Students must complete 20% for the course work by June 17. Students are able to work on their own time and pace, but must progress on a consistent basis to successfully complete the course.


  • Students not completing 20% of the assignments by June 17 will be automatically withdrawn from the course.   A withdrawal failure will be recorded on the student’s transcript.   Students have three days to petition Indiana Online administration to be reinstated if automatically withdrawn.


  • Students have until June 17 to withdraw from class without the course appearing on their transcript.


  • All Course work must be completed by July 23.

Full Classes


  • Indiana Online does not anticipate limiting class offerings due to excessive enrollment. As more students register for classes, additional teachers are recruited and hired.


Final Exams


  • End of term final exams will be administered at Zionsville Community High School.


  • Exams will be administered July 20, 21, 22 and 23.  


  • Please be aware of these dates before registering for courses to ensure attendance for finals. No make-up testing will be scheduled through Zionsville Community High School.  


  • All final exams must be completed by July 23. Indiana Online does not make exceptions.


  • Students who do not take or pass the final exam will not pass the course and will not earn credit.