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The ZCHS Steel Eagles Robotics Teams compete in the Vex Robotics series as team 7701.  We have a long and proud history with many state and world championship qualifiers.
2018-19 State Qualifiers:
7701N, 7701T, 7701X, 7701Y
2018-19 World Championship Qualifiers:
7701T - Division Semi-Finalist (Top 48 in the World)
7701X - Division #1 Ranking, Division Semi-Finalist (Top 48 in the World)
2019-20 State Qualifiers:
7701A, 7701E, 7701H, 7701R, 7701T, 7701V, 7701X, 7701Z
2019-20 World Championship Qualifiers:
7701A, 7701H, 7701T, 7701V, 7701X
2020-21 State Qualifiers:
7701H, 7701V
2021-22 State Qualifiers:
770K, 7701V
2021-22 World Championship Qualifiers:
7701V - Division #1 Ranking
2022-23 State Qualifiers:
7701C, 7701F, 7701X, 7701V
7701V - State Division Champions.  Indiana State Runner-Up
2022-23 World Championship Qualifiers:
7701V - Division Semi-Finalist (Top 80 in the World)