National Honor Society

Christie Shook

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National Honor Society is an organization for juniors and seniors.  You apply to be a part of NHS at the end of your sophomore or junior year.  The application process normally opens in April and students should keep an eye on announcements via their grade level Canvas course.  To apply, students need a 3.6 cumulative GPA and three references.  Announcements about who has been accepted are usually made at the start of the following school year.  

Once accepted into NHS, students are required to complete 10 service hours each semester in addition to maintaining a 3.6 GPA.  Students are always given ideas for service hours and keep track of them throughout the semester to report them at the end.  GPA checks are done at the end of each semester.  Seniors who successfully complete the GPA and service hour requirements can then graduate with special cords signifying that they have done so.  

There are $20 dues each year to pay for ZCHS's membership in the national organization and to purchase cords and induction ceremony items.  

Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Shook at the email on this page.