Grace Fletcher Department Chair Ext. 62113    [email protected]
Teaches Intro to 3D, Ceramics I, II, II, Sculpture, Advanced 3D, Fiber Arts
B.A. from Purdue University; Metalswork Bachelor of Liberal Arts: Art Education
Teaches Intro 3D, Photography and Digital Design
B.A. From Herron School of Art of IUPUI
Art Club Sponsor
Teaches Intro 2D, Drawing I & II, AP Art History
B.A. in Art History from Indiana University M.S. in Art Education from Indiana University
Teaches Intro 2D, Intro 3D, Digital Design I
Teaches Intro to 2D Art, Painting I, Painting II, Advanced 2D Art, AP 2D Art & Design
B.A. in Education from Purdue Univ.
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from Herron School of Art - IUPUI