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ZCS Customized Learning Program


What is the Customized Learning Program?

     The Zionsville Community Schools Customized Learning Program is designed to cater to Zionsville Community High School students who have unique educational circumstances. Example circumstances include but are not limited to the following, studying abroad, needing a flexible school schedule, taking college courses off campus, working a job, participating in a business internship, or recovering credits. 

     In addition to earning their high school diploma for an on time graduation, students will be able to take advantage of additional college and career readiness opportunities that will propel them into their chosen career, college, internship, or post-secondary plan.



If you are interested in learning more about customized learning options, please feel free to contact the Director of Customized Learning ,Dr. Nicole Chisley by calling 317-873-3355 ext. 11263 or emailing her at [email protected]


How does the Customized Learning Program work?

Student Customized Learning Program Experience:

  • Students will experience learning with a combination of online Plato courses and direct instruction from the Customized Learning Instructors. Because each student has different needs, some courses may be taken in the traditional setting when necessary. 
  • Students participating in a J. Everett Light Career Center program will continue taking their JEL courses.
  • Students will be on a half day that consists of at least three hours a day, or a full school day schedule depending on their credit needs and post-secondary plans. Individual student schedules will vary.
  • Students will earn course in the CLP program every 9 weeks. 


Customized Learning Program Goals

The program seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Empower students and increase their knowledge of post-secondary options and provide students with a safe environment that promotes their well-being and creativity.
  • Help students understand the significance of good decision making and develop strategies for completing his/her education.
  • Develop individualized plans with a focus on futuristic learning. Students will complete their academic journey in a self-paced method that will be guided by staff.
  • Provide each students with opportunities to develop and use their inter-personal skills to access community resources in the pursuit of future employment and educational opportunities.
Nicole Chisley Ed.D.
CLP Director
317-873-3355 ext. 11263
Michael Patterson
CLP Instructor
317-873-3355 ext. 62309
Vanessa Pierson
CLP Instructor
317-873-3355 ext. 62312