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Why should you and your peers consider a career exploration internship? After all, you are busy trying to juggle all your scholastic endeavors as it is. But what if participating in an internship could change the direction of your life? Or if it confirmed what you already believed? That is exactly what a career exploration internship can do for you. Not only does it provide hands-on specialized experience, but It can open a vast array of career opportunities that you maybe have never considered by being exposed to new situations and circumstances that you never envisioned for your profession. Or perhaps, it may reassure you that what you have planned will suit your future just fine. Either way, an internship extended experience may be right for you!
What is NOT a career exploration internship designed to be? It is not an easy way to get out of being at school, nor is it about working in order to earn money for college, a new car or to help provide financial support for your family. A career exploration internship is designed to help you explore options for your future, to help you see what you like and what you may not like, it is not about just working and earning money--a part-time job is a great way to earn extra money for college or that car, but working part-time can be done on the weekends or in the evenings after the school day. You may even be able to use the new things you might learn at your internship at your part-time job to impress your supervisor!
So how can you get ready? First, let's start with making sure you have a current resume and cover letter, complete with letters of recommendation. Next, you should consider reviewing expert interviewing tips and polish those skills by participating in a mock interview. Then you should be all set! Talk to your counselor, Extended Experiences Mrs. Twyman, or Internship Coordinator Mr. Grismore, or click here to learn more.