Global Engagement

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At ZCHS, we seek to offer experiences at home and internationally that will broaden your worldview and lead to productive citizenship in the world community. 
Are you globally competent? According to World Savvy, "Global competence refers to the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to navigate and succeed in today’s interconnected world. Globally competent individuals are life-long learners, have an appreciation for cultural differences, an ability to understand and consider multiple perspectives, critical and comparative thinking skills, problem solving abilities, comfort with ambiguity and change, and understand globally significant issues."
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Upcoming Trips
2019-2020 Academic Year Trips
2020-2021 Academic Year Trips
  • Fall break
    • Trinidad and Tobago: 
    • Domestic Trip: NYC Film Studies
  • February break
  • Spring break
    • France, Germany, and Switzerland - JJ Henner Sister School Visit
  • Summer break
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2019-2020 Academic Year Trips
2018-2019 Academic Year Trips
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"Glocal" (Global + Local) Opportunities....
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