Choosing the Right College

There are a number of factors to consider when trying to pick a college.  Listed below are some ideas that may help you find the right college for you.


College Selection Criteria

            Location of the College                          Reputation
            In state v. out of state tuition                  Academic reputation
            Travel time and expense                        Admission statistics to graduate school
            Commuter possibilities                          Statistics on job placement
            Extra-curricular possibilities                   Selectivity in Admission
            Traditions, Heritage                               Financial Aid
            Atmosphere                                          In state v. out of state tuition
            Conditions and appearance                    % of students receiving aid
            Graduate School admission stats           Opportunities for on campus employment
            Attrition and retention figures                  Scholarship and grant offers
            Family ties                                           Private v. Public           
            Church Affiliation                                   Academics
            Student Life                                          Special interest / Honors programs
            Housing – availability & quality               Flexibility in course selection
            Variety of housing options                      Off campus programs
            Coed v. single sex dorms                       International Study Opportunities
            Food                                                    Library facilities
            Activities                                              Academic Calendar
            Fraternities and Sororities                      Class sizes
            Athletics                                               Social life
            Numbers of majors, programs                 Diversity among students
            Faculty ratios, TA’s, accessibility            Clubs, intra-mural teams,
            Degree requirements                              Friends currently attending the school
            Internships                                            Off-campus accessibility - social events
            Job placement                                       Off-campus employment possibilities
            Graduate School admission stats