Honor Courses

What types of honors courses can you take at ZCHS?

Honors Courses:
Honors classes are designed for students who have demonstrated academic success and commitment. Students considered for honors courses must have outstanding achievement in prerequisite courses, standardized test scores, samples of course work, and staff recommendations. Students that fail to gain admittance to an honors course may appeal directly to the department chair. Students must also meet criteria set by each department to retain their eligibility for enrollment in the course. Failure to meet these requirements may result in removal from the course at the conclusion of the academic semester or year. 

Advanced Placement (AP)

Zionsville Community High School participates in the College Board Advance Placement Program. Any student that completes the prerequisite courses may enroll in an AP Course. These courses “count” towards the Academic or Technical Honors Diploma. Please refer to our course description book for specific information.

Dual Credit Advanced College Project: (ACP) 

The Advance College Project (ACP) is a dual credit program offered through Indiana University. Students who meet admission criteria for Indiana University may choose to take courses in advanced composition (ZCHS 3001, 3002), chemistry (ZCHS 4515, 4516), or calculus (ZCHS 4015, 5016).   Further information may be found through ZCHS guidance or at http://acp.indiana.edu/

Dual Credit 

ZCHS offers the following dual credit courses that are honors courses: cadet teaching (8503, 8504), and entrepreneurship (7023, 7024.) Most dual credit opportunities have college admission requirements that may include SAT scores, GPA thresholds, and age minimums. Please refer to course descriptions for specific information.