Postsecondary Counseling & Preparation

The ZCHS Guidance staff provides classroom and individual guidance to students on topics related to educational and career planning.  Each year, counselors deliver classroom lessons to freshman and sophomore students to review diploma requirements and highlight educational and career planning resources and timelines.  As sophomores, students will complete an extensive career research project in their English 10 courses which provides additional opportunities to explore.  Guidance staff presents career and educational planning information to juniors both in the classroom and individually.  Classroom lessons focus on diploma requirements standardized testing results (PSAT), and the college search/application process.  Individual student meetings with juniors allow counselors to assess progress toward diploma completion and provide a personalized conversation about students’ postsecondary plans.  Guidance counselors meet with senior students in September and October to verify diploma progress, review transcripts, and provide assistance with the college application process.

Each year, the Counseling Department hosts many visits from individual college/university admissions representatives.  Juniors and Seniors are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of these events as part of their postsecondary planning process.

Each year the Counseling Department hosts parent meetings that provide additional information about diploma requirements, post-secondary/career planning, and the college admission process. Dates for these meeting are communicated through ZCHS parent update, on our announcements and through our website.  Students and parents are always welcome to make individual appointments with their counselor to complement the guidance programming.