BYOD & Laptop Rental Program

Middle School & High School students have a choice of either BYOD or renting a school-owned laptop
  • Applications/Software for BYOD laptops
  • Board Approved 2016-17 Middle School and High School Laptop Fee - $146.59
  • Board Approved 2015-16 Middle School and High School Laptop Fee - $146.59
  • BYOD System Requirements
  • Filters & Firewalls
    • Zionsville Community Schools is required by law to use a filter on our internet. Installing an additional filter on a BYOD laptop can cause issues for the student while they are using their laptop at school.
Laptop Cases:
  • Middle School students will have a case with their laptop.  Students are required to keep their laptop in their cases at all times.
  • High School laptops do not include a case so please plan to purchase a case or have a backpack with a laptop compartment.
Parent Purchase Suggestions for Laptops
The following are laptops or system suggestions, not recommendations by Zionsville Community Schools.  Zionsville Community Schools does not endorse, warranty or recommend any company or system.