Cindy King, Department Chair, Ext 64104  [email protected]

Teaches: Anatomy and Physiology, Science Ethics

B.S. in Biology from Purdue University,

M.A. in Education from St. Mary College

M.A. in  Educational Administration from Ball State


Callie Bissell, Ext - 64102  [email protected]

Teaches Biology

B.S. in Science

Masters in Secondary Education 


Steve Cripe, Ext - 64103   [email protected]

Teaches AP Chemistry 

B.A. in Biology/Chemistry from DePauw University

Car Club, Chemistry Club


Elizabeth Ellis, Ext - 64110   [email protected]

Teaches Biology, Genetics

B.S. in Biology Education from Purdue Univ.

B.S. in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology


Joe Frey, Ext - 64111  [email protected]


Michael Dollens, Ext - 62215    [email protected]

Teaches Integrated Chemistry/Physics, Physics I

B.A. in Education from Butler University

B.S. in Physics Education from Ball State University


Stephanie Dudley, Ext - 64101  [email protected]

Teaches Integrated Chemistry/Physics, Chemistry 

B.S. Occupational Health and Sciences from Purdue University

B.S. Environmental Health and Sciences from Purdue University


David Krause - Ext - 62222  [email protected]

Teaches Integrated Chemistry/Physics, Earth Space Science  

B.S. in Business Finance from Indiana University

M.S. in Accounting from San Diego University

J.D. in Jurisprudence from California Western School of Law 

Westeen Club Sponsor


Dawn Makley - Ext 64107  [email protected]

Chemistry I and Advanced Forensic Science

BS in Biology and Chemical Science from Xavier University

PhD in Organic Chemistry from Vanderbilt University


Kristin Lancaster, Ext - 64105   [email protected]

Teaches Chemistry, Forensics

B.S. in Chemistry from Illinois State


Bronson Lickliter, Ext - 64109     [email protected]

Teaches Intro Chemistry/Physics


Matt Mulholland, Ext - 62211 [email protected]

Teaches Physics I, Physics II H, Physics AP

B.S. Physics Education from Greenville College,

M.S. from St. Mary's University


Chelsea Patterson,  Ext - 62213   [email protected]

Teaches Biology, ICP

B.S. in Secondary Education from Indiana Univ.


Katie Willour, Ext. 64108 [email protected]

Teaches Biology, Genetics

Bachelors of Science of Biology from University of Kentucky

Master of Arts of Education 6-12 from Asbury University