Amy Emkow - Department Chair - Ext. 63302   [email protected]

Teaches Peer Facilitating, Health, Advanced Physical Education, Lifeguarding

B.S. from IUPUI

M.S. from Indiana Wesleyan


J.R. Howell - Ext. 62123 [email protected]

Teaches P.E. I, Modified P.E., Lifetime Sports and Fitness

Varsity Boys Basketball Coach


Scott Turnquist - Ext. 63400   [email protected]

Teaches Advanced Physical Conditioning, Lifetime Sports and Fitness



Julina Speer - Ext. 63310   [email protected]

Teaches P.E., Advanced Physical Conditioning, Lifeguarding, Adaptive P.E., Health

B.A. in Education, Health Minor, Athletic Training and Dance emphasis from Butler University