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ZCHS clubs with a global focus

Chinese Club
Sponsor: Chen Lien Hsu - [email protected]
It is not necessary to be in Chinese class or know Chinese to be in Chinese Club!  We learn about the language, the culture, eat Chinese food, and participate in fun activities and Chinese games.  Everyone is welcome!  We meet on the third Wednesday of each month.
French Club
Sponsor: Jenna Engelhardt - [email protected]
The French Club is an organization that goes beyond the classroom to learn more about francophone culture.  Most students are or have been enrolled in French class but we invite all students who are interested in learning about French in the world to attend.  We meet the second Tuesday of every month after school in the LGI.  Meeting include information, music, activities, and French food.  We have a few evening outings per year too.  Please plan to join us.
Spanish Club
Sponsor: Bill Malle - [email protected]
Spanish club is open to all students! Members do cultural activities, eat Spanish food, and more! Please contact Mr. Malle for more information.


International Club

Sponsor: Amy Conrad - [email protected]
A place for foreign exchange students to connect with ZCHS students and share world experiences.
Letters to Uganda
Sponsor: Jill Chickedantz - [email protected]

A club for students to become pen-pals with girls in Uganda and provide emotional support.


Model UN

Sponsor: Paul Magoni - [email protected]

In the Model UN club, students role-play various countries in the world. They learn about the history, politics, and foreign policies of several countries and begin to understand the importance of the United Nations in the world today. Students become familiar with several international problems or issues and experience the give and take of diplomacy as they attempt to pass resolutions in their councils. The model provides an opportunity for them to improve their public speaking and debate skills and to learn some parliamentary procedure, as well as how to learn how to work constructively in a group. Meetings are on Wednesdays, and there are 5 weekend conferences at various colleges throughout the Midwest. Please contact Mr. Magoni for more information


Operation Honduras

Sponsor: Lindsay Alessandrini - [email protected]

The Operation: Honduras Club was started by students in 2005 as a way to support and encourage Honduran children in 6 rural communites to attain a high level of education and personal health in order to affect positive change in these areas and the country at large. The Op:H Club sends aid to underserved children in the form of personal hygiene items, school supplies and sports equipment. The club also completes larger-scale fundraising projects to build and renovate dynamic classroom spaces, sanitary restrooms, and functioning kitchens and libraries. This club is open to any ZCHS student! Club dues are $5.00/year. Students may join at any point during the school year. Meetings are held every other Monday at 3:25 PM in room 708. Please contact Mrs. Alessandrini for more information


Third World Initiative

Sponsor: Jodi Thomas - [email protected]  

A club for students to assist the Remember Nhu foundation and other organizations that protect children from sex trade.


Thirst Project

SponsorDeana Broge - [email protected]


Timmy Global Health

Sponsor: Lori Bing - [email protected]