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Financial resources

Okay, study abroad sounds great, but what about the money? It's true, some of these programs can get pricey! Here are some hints for ways to make this experience more affordable and accessible.
  • Start planning (and saving) early. If you think you'd like to study abroad, as soon as you know, even if you don't know where or when, start saving. 
  • Check out the job board. Stop by the guidance office in the main campus to see what part-time job options might be available on the job board just outside the office. 
  • Focus on funded programs. U.S. State Department funded programs like NSLI-Y, YES Abroad, and Congress-Bundestag are all fully funded. They are competitive, so make sure to pay attention to advice on the application process!
  • Consider exchanges. Our student exchange programs tend to be more affordable because you'll stay with a host family. We try to keep the school-based cost of sister school exchanges under $2,000 a participant.
  • Consider community resources. Rotary exchanges, for example, are partially supported by your local Rotary club, and as such, are sometimes more affordable. You could also make pitches to local clubs and organizations to seek funding and scholarships.