International Experiences » What about graduation requirements?

What about graduation requirements?

If you're considering studying abroad during the school year, you probably have questions about credits and graduating on time. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.
Will I be able to graduate on time?
If you plan ahead, yes! Our guidance counselors have experience helping students build schedules that allow them to study abroad. You typically will need to take a few online classes and may take some requirements in a different year than is normally the case.
Will the work I do abroad count for credit at ZCHS?
Typically, no. If you are serious about study abroad, don't let this scare you away. Students who study abroad gain lots of other benefits outside of the credits they would normally be earning at ZCHS.
Can I study abroad if I plan to graduate early?
Yes! We do have students who have decided to graduate in the winter of their senior year and use the final semester to study abroad. Many programs offer a "gap year" or "gap semester" option and accept students who have technically already graduated.