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Semester or year-long experiences

Students seeking a longer study abroad experience have many options. Numerous providers exist; the following are some examples of providers that ZCHS students have used. These programs typically do not require language proficiency for many of the countries they serve; you can learn when you get there.
  • Rotary Youth Exchange - Existing around the world but supported locally by the Zionsville Rotary Club, this year-long exchange exists in many countries and provides students with several host families over the course of their year.
  • Greenheart - semester and year-long programs abroad
  • AFS - semester and year-long programs abroad
  • CIEEsemester and year-long programs abroad
  • YFU - semester and year-long programs abroad
State-funded programs - the following three programs are funded by the U.S. Department of State and as such, are free to students. They are highly competitive, amazing experiences! For more info, click here.