International Experiences » Why study abroad in high school?

Why study abroad in high school?

Many people have heard of studying abroad in college, but why wait? There are many benefits to high school study abroad; here are just a few!
  1. Become more independent before graduation. High school students who study abroad feel a stronger sense of self-efficacy - that is, they feel like they can overcome challenges that may have seemed scary before. 
  2. Make friends with new perspectives. You'll meet people from different cultures from your own, and learn more about their thoughts and lifestyles. These kinds of friendships are rewarding, and teach us more about how to get along with each other.
  3. Learn that messing up is okay. Misunderstandings, getting off at the wrong bus stop, feeling homesick - it's all possible, and you can do it! If you always find yourself afraid of failure, study abroad can help you realize that it happens, and you can come back stronger.
  4. Learn more about a passion or discover a new one. Many students report more clarity on what they want to do next in their lives after experiencing study abroad. 
  5. Gain confidence in a world language. Learners are often nervous about using their new language skills, but testing it out abroad is a great way to realize that you can do more than you think!
  6. Launch yourself to the next big thing. Students who study abroad in high school are already taking steps toward their futures. Many go on to set bigger goals for their next experience, and have an advantage over students who start to discover their interests later. 
  7. Set yourself apart on college admissions. While this should never be your number one goal, studying abroad in high school does give you an experience not everyone has. You are likely to have stronger language skills and an interesting range of experiences to draw on!
  8. Make amazing memories. You are likely to remember this experience for the rest of your life!