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Extended Experiences Home Page

Welcome to the Extended Experiences Resource Page! This resource was created for students so that all students will be empowered to learn in a flexible environment that supports interest-based learning. We provide a variety of ways to encourage students to learn including; self exploration, internships, and international studying. Students, in conjunction with coordinators, find career opportunities to explore interests, and gain first-hand experience to better learn what the student may want to do for a career. Unlike a normal classroom, students are free to learn, and work at their own pace creating more flexibility.
As a district, we believe our school should provide flexibility for students to explore interests and passions that promote high levels of engagement and learning in five key areas:
  • Career Exploration/Internships
  • Community Service
  • Further Academic Exploration (Curriculum Extension)
  • International Experiences
  • Individual Passion Exploration
Extended Experiences is a student-driven learning program that allows for a wide variety of opportunities based on the students interests and passions.