Community Service

When people think of the corporation Operation Gratitude, they usually think of the Care Packages sent to active military around the globe, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are now leading one of the largest direct support initiatives for frontline responders in the country. Deliveries of essential items continue to be shipped around our country to areas of greatest need. Consider starting your own "operation gratitude" for our very own First Responders in Boone County.
Service for Seniors
ZCHS is developing a partnership with Anson Senior Living in Whitestown, and as their independent living residents volunteer for us in a number of ways, we would like to serve them as well. There are active, independent residents who would like to "tell their story" in writing and/or illustration, and they would like to partner with a ZCHS student to get this done. Other residents are interested in learning basic technology skills, such as the poignant illustration in this 14-second video ...

If you are interested in volunteering and/or need service hours for an organization (i.e., NHS, Key Club, Boys' Scout, etc.), please consider this opportunity. Ideally, an in-person partnership is preferred, but we can still serve our community while maintaining physical distances! Please complete this form  to express your interest: Anson Senior Service Volunteer Form